SCS Faculty Awards
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Fellows of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)

  • Manuel Blum, 2002
    - For fundamental contributions to the abstract theory of computational complexity.
  • Randal E. Bryant, 1990
    - For contributions to switch-level modeling of very-large-scale integrated circuits.
  • Kathleen Carley, 2014
    - For contributions to multi-dimensional human and cyber dynamic networks.
  • Yuejie Chi, 2022
    - For contributions to statistical signal processing with low-dimensional structures.
  • Edmund M. Clarke, 2005
    - For contributions to model checking methods for formal verification.
  • Michael Erdmann, 2006
    - For contributions to robotic manipulation and perception of shape.
  • David J. Farber, 1994
    - For contributions to computer languages, distributed computing and advanced computer communications networking.
  • David Garlan, 2013
    For contributions to software architecture.
  • Garth Gibson, 2014
    - For contributions to the performance and reliability of transformative storage systems.
  • Ralph L. Hollis, 2004
    For contributions to multi-degree-of-freedom robotic devices.
  • Farnam Jahanian, 2009
    - For contributions to dependability and security of network systems.
  • Angel G. Jordan, 1977 (Emeritus)
    - For educational leadership in the field of solid-state device research.
  • Takeo Kanade, 1992
    - For contributions to vision, manipulators, autonomous mobile robots, and sensors.
  • Pradeep Khosla, 1995 (No longer at CMU)
    - For contributions to reconfigureable manipulators and reconfigurable software for sensor-based control, and for leadership in curriculum development.
  • John Lafferty, 2007
    - For contributions to statistical pattern recognition and statistical language processing.
  • Matthew T. Mason, 2000
    - For contributions to robotic manipulation and graduate education in robotics.
  • Roy Maxion, 2008
    - For contributions to real-time monitoring and analysis of computer systems for trend analysis, fault prediction, and anomaly detection.
  • Florian Metz, 2022
    - For contributions to end-to-end training of speech recognition systems.
  • Brad Myers, 2013
    - For contributions to the development of software tools for human-computer interaction.
  • Bhiksha Reddy, 2017
    - For contributions to speech recognition.
  • Raj Reddy, 1983
    - For contributions in automatic speech recognition, artificial intelligence, and robotics.
  • Mahadev Satyanarayanan, 2002
    - For contributions to scalable and reliable file access in large distributed systems."
  • William L. Scherlis, 2012
    - For contributions to software analysis and software engineering education.
  • Metin Sitti, 2014
    - For contributions to micro-and nano-scale robotics systems.
  • Mary Shaw, 1990
    - For contributions to computer science education.
  • Melvin W. Siegel, 2004
    - For contributions to the field of sensors, measurement and robotics.
  • Daniel P. Siewiorek, 1981
    - For contributions to the design of modular computer systems.
  • Peter A. Steenkiste, 2009
    - For contributions to optimization and monitoring techniques for distributed communication systems.
  • Richard Stern, 2014
    - For contributions to robust speech recognition and auditory perception.
  • Katia Sycara, 2006
    -For contributions to case based reasoning, multi-agent systems and semantic web services and standards.
  • Chuck Thorpe, 2007
    - For leadership in research and development of vision-based autonomous outdoor vehicles.
  • Manuela Veloso, 2010
    - For contributions to the development of cognition, perception and action in autonomous robot teams.
  • Shinji Watanabe, 2022
    - For contributions to speech recognition technology.
  • Jeannette M. Wing, 2003
    - For contributions to methods for software systems.

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