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Recipients of The Coach Award", School of Computer Science
The Master of Software Engineering Program celebrated it's 15th anniversary in the Fall 2005: a remarkable achievement in that over 15 generations (~ 350 students) of highly trained, disciplined software professionals from industry, government and academia had already passed through their environment and were now strategically placed throughout these organizations – globally. What started as a vision to build a formal degree program for software engineering has become a commonly accepted, continually evolving and dynamically expanding "science" of software engineering.

In tribute to this anniversary, and in recognition of the contributions made to the discipline by the professors, lecturers, students, mentors, clients and sponsors that have enabled the software engineering discipline and the related academic programs to grow and thrive, the MSE/ISR established a series of awards/recognitions under the rubric "The Coach Awards" within our college.

The term "Coach" has deep cultural roots in our environment. First and foremost, it pays tribute to a man who dedicated his life since the early 1980's to the development of an educational program in software engineering: James E. Tomayko.

  • David Garlan , May 2016/17
    Outstanding Leadership

  • Jeffrey Gennari , May 2015
    Outstanding Teaching and Mentorship

  • Eduardo L. Miranda , May 2014
    Outstanding Teaching and Mentorship

  • Tharanga Sampath Gamaethige , May 2013
    Outstanding Individual Award

  • Anthony J. Lattanze , May 2012
    For Outstanding Teaching and Mentorship

  • Studio Team YALA
    Yousef AlSaeed
    Ashwini Bijwe
    Lyle Holsinger
    Alek (Wenjiao) Wang
    May 2011
    For MSE Team Excellence

  • Grace Ritter Lewis, May 2010
    For Outstanding Teaching and Mentorship

  • Ryan D. Miller , May 2009
    For Outstanding Citizenship and Leadership

  • James E. Tomayko , August 2005
    For Just Being "Our Coach"
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