SCS Faculty Awards
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The Carnegie Science Center Catalyst Award
The Catalyst Award recognizes excellence in promoting public awareness of scientific issues, and advancing science in society to bring about measurable, beneficial change.

  • Illah Nourbakhsh, 2012
    Dr. Nourbakhsh directs the Community Robotics, Education and Technology Empowerment lab (CREATE) at Carnegie Mellon. Additionally, he has produced a remarkable string of his own community-enabling projects, including ChargeCar, which seeks to create custom electric cars built by local citizens.

  • Lenore Blum, 2009
    For her role as founding director of Project Olympus, which fosters economic growth and retention of scientific talent in Western Pennsylvania, as well as her efforts to increase the percentage of women studying and teaching computer science.

  • William "Red" Whittaker, 2006
    Red has made possible the dream of being able to explore both inner and outer space through robotics. He has done more than any other individual to promote the image of Pittsburgh as Robosburgh.

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