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ARCS Foundation: Achievement Rewards for College Scientists Scholarships
– The ARCS Foundation, Inc. (Achievement Rewards for College Scientists) is a national volunteer women's organization dedicated to strengthening American science and technology by providing scholarships to the best and brightest U.S. graduate and undergraduate students in the natural sciences, medicine and engineering. Four Carnegie Mellon University doctoral students will each receive $15,000 scholarship from the ARCS Foundation, Inc. (installments over 3-years).

Nationwide, the ARCS Foundation has 1,400 members in 14 chapters throughout the United States. Since the organization's founding in 1958, scholarship funding has totaled more than $53 million at more than 45 of the country's best universities, making the ARCS Foundation the single largest contributor to basic scientific education of any private membership organization in the United States.

  • David Bamman, Language Technologies Institute, 2011-2014
    – Scholar Award Fund
  • Brian Becker, Robotics Institute, 2007-2010
    – Westinghouse Electric Company Award
  • Peter M. Chapman, Computer Science Department, 2012-2015
    – Scholar Award Fund
  • Michael Dinitz, Computer Science Department, 2005-2008
    – The Vicki and Tom Griffin Award
  • Samantha Finkelstein, Human-Computer Interaction Institute, 2011-2014
    – Donated by Hans and Leslie Fleischner
  • Robert Fisher, Machine Learning Department, 2009, 2012-2014
    – The Fine Foundation Award
  • Kevin P. Gimpel, Language Technologies Institute, 2006-2009
    – Pittsburgh Chapter ARCS Foundation Award
  • Hannah Gommerstadt, Computer Science Department, 2014-2016
    – The Auclair-Unkovic Award
  • William Herlands, Machine Learning Department, 2014-2015
    – The Hans and Leslie Fleischner Award
  • Lindsey Hines, Robotics Institute, 2008-2011
    – The Highmont Foundation Award
  • Momin M. Malik, Institute for Software Research (Computation, Organizations & Society), 2013-2016
    – The Gookin-Stockman Award
  • Stephen Oney, Human-Computer Interaction Institute, 2008-2011
    – Heitzenroder-Stockman-Woodward Award
  • Manya Sleeper, Institute for Software Research (Computation, Organizations & Society), 2010-2013
  • Julia Schwartz, Human-Computer Interaction Institute, 2009-2012
    – The BNY Mellon Award
  • Amy Shannon, Human-Computer Interaction Institute, 2014-2016
    – The Jared L. and Maureen B. Cohon Award for Leadership in the Formation of ARCS Foundation-Pittsburgh Chapter
  • Joseph Tassarotti, Computer Science Department, 2013-2016
    – The Susan and Roy Dorrance Award (II)
  • James A. Tolbert II, Computer Science Department, 2007-2010
    – Pittsburgh Chapter Award
  • Jason T. Tsay, Institute for Software Research (Software Engineering), 2010-2013
    – Catalyst/Pittsburgh Chapter Award
  • Daniel Wendlandt, Computer Science Department, 2005-2008
    – The Leslie and Hans Fleischner Award

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