Bradley Schmerl

Principal Systems Scientist

Address and Contact Information

TCS 421
Software and Societal Systems Department
School of Computer Science
Carnegie Mellon University
5000 Forbes Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15213-3891
+1-412-268-5889 (phone)
+1-412-268-3435 (fax)

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Executive Assistant

Linda Campbell
lv2c at andrew dot cmu dot edu


One of the pillars of software engineering is the development of mechanisms, methods, and tools for software composition. Although techniques for code modularization are well established, today's software systems have introduced a number of new challenges: composition of distributed heterogeneous components, which may have been developed by untrusted third parties; continuously running programs, that must be recomposed on the fly because of version upgrades or unforeseen environment changes; and integration of components written in various languages and styles. My research is devoted to advancing the state of software engineering to accommodate these challenges. More specifically, my research involves investigating, developing, and experimenting with tools and techniques that provide reusable, analyzable, and automatic support for these aspects of software composition.

My research is done in the context of the ABLE group. A list of currently active projects can be found there.


Spring 2021, 2022: Software Architecture

I am involved as both Mentor and Practice Area Lead for the Masters in Software Engineering programs.