Supercomputers and Parallel Computers

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Note: I've moved on to another job, and I can no longer afford the time to keep this site updated. Charles Castevens has a more up-to-date collection of supercomputer images.

Images and product information for current parallel and vector supercomputers. Click on a thumbnail image for the full-size picture, or on a company or product name for further information.

AVX3 Alex Informatics AVX3.

C4600 Convex C4600.

Exemplar Convex Exemplar SPP1000/XA. .

Origin2000 Cray Origin2000.

C90 Cray Research C90

J916 Cray Research J90

T3D Cray Research T3D

T3E Cray Research T3E.

T90 Cray Research T90

YMP Cray Research Y-MP (YMP8/8128) at the NCI. See also Y-MP8/832.

S3800 Hitachi S-3800/480 at University of Tokyo.


SP2 IBM SP2 at MHPCC. See also single SP2 cabinet.

Paragon Intel Paragon XP/S MP at Sandia.


MasPar MasPar MP-2/MP-1 cluster at NASA ESS

Meiko Meiko CS-2 (256-512VU) at LLNL.

nCUBE nCUBE nCUBE2 at ASN. See also MIT's nCUBE2.

SX4 NEC SX-4/32.

RM1000 Pyramid Reliant RM 1000.

Origin2000 SGI Origin 2000.

Power XL SGI Power Challenge XL at FSU.

GigaBooster Supercomputer Systems Ltd. GigaBooster.

Tera Tera MTA 32.

CM-5 Thinking Machines CM-5 at NCSA.

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