In spring 2016, I TA'd 15-213 Introduction to Computer Systems. Here are the teaching materials I used in my recitation section:

Date Notes Supplemental Resources
Mon 1/25 Integers, Floating Point, and Data Lab shift.s info gcc
C99 standard
Intel Software Developer's Manual
IEEE floating point standard
Mon 2/1 Assembly, Debugging, and Bomb Lab gdb_commands.txt
info gdb
info gas
AMD64 Application Binary Interface
Mon 2/8 Registers, Stacks, and Attack Lab stacksmashers.tar
Mon 2/15 Secure Coding, Common Memory Bugs, and Cache Lab Valgrind Quick Start Guide
git help
Try Git
GitLab for this course
Mon 2/22 Cache, Locality, Blocking, and Cache Lab c_bootcamp.git
Mon 2/29 Optional Midterm Study Session Online practice exam
Old written exams
Mon 3/14 Processes, Signals, I/O, and Shell Lab man 7 signal
man stty
Single UNIX Specification
Mon 3/21 Virtual Memory, Allocators, and malloc() Lab
Mon 3/28 Moar malloc()! malloc_notes.txt
Mon 4/4 Network Programming, Sockets/Proxy Lab Teaser tcp.tar man 7 socket
man 7 ip
man 2 bind
man 2 listen
man 2 accept
man 2 connect
Live coding from other recitation sections
Mon 4/11 Multiple Connections, Concurrency, and Proxy Lab http.tar man pthread_create
man pthread_mutex_init
man getaddrinfo
HTTP/1.1 standard
Mon 4/18 Locking Structures and Proxy Lab locks.tar man pthread_rwlock_init
man sem_init
Mon 4/25 Final Exam Review final_notes.txt