Shikhar Bahl

Hi there! I am a second year PhD student at the Robotics Institute, within the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University. I am interested in artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotics. I am advised by Deepak Pathak and Abhinav Gupta. I will be joining NVIDIA Robotics as a research intern this summer.

Prior to CMU, I did my undergrad at UC Berkeley in Applied Math and Computer Science, where I was affiliated with Berkeley Artificial Intelligence Research (BAIR) and worked under Sergey Levine on problems in deep reinforcement learning and robotics.

Feel free to contact me via email! You can reach me at sbahl2 -at- cs dot cmu dot edu

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I am broadly interested in creating robust autonomous agents that operate with minimal or no human supervision. My research focuses on combining machine learning, reinforcement learning, computer vision and perception for robotic control. Here is some of my work:

Neural Dynamic Policies for End-to-End Sensorimotor Learning
Shikhar Bahl, Mustafa Mukadam, Abhinav Gupta, Deepak Pathak
NeurIPS, 2020 (Spotlight Presentation)
pdf | project page | code | spotlight talk

Deep Reinforcement Learning for Industrial Insertion Tasks with Visual Inputs and Natural Rewards
Gerrit Schoettler*, Ashvin Nair*, Jianlan Luo, Shikhar Bahl, Juan aparicio Ojea, Eugen Solowjow, Sergey Levine
IROS, 2020
pdf | project page

Skew-Fit: State-Covering Self-Supervised Reinforcement Learning
Vitchyr H. Pong*, Murtaza Dalal*, Steven Lin*, Ashvin Nair, Shikhar Bahl, Sergey Levine
ICML, 2020
pdf | project page

Contextual Imagined Goals for Self-Supervised Robotic Learning
Ashvin Nair*, Shikhar Bahl*, Alexander Khazatsky*, Vitchyr H. Pong, Glen Berseth , Sergey Levine
CoRL, 2019
pdf | project page

Residual Reinforcement Learning for Robot Control
Tobias Johannink*, Shikhar Bahl*, Ashvin Nair*, Jianlan Luo, Avinash Kumar, Matthias Loskyll, Juan Aparicio Ojea, Eugen Solowjow, Sergey Levine
ICRA, 2019
pdf | project page

Visual Reinforcement Learning with Imagined Goals
Ashvin Nair*, Vitchyr H. Pong*, Murtaza Dalal, Shikhar Bahl, Steven Lin, Sergey Levine
NeurIPS, 2018 (Spotlight Presentation)
pdf | project page


EECS127 - Fall 2018 (uGSI)

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