I am a first year PhD student in Software Engineering, co-advised by David Garlan and Reid Simmons. I am a member of ABLE group. My research touches multiple areas including artificial intelligence, pervasive computing, and software engineering. I am interested in questions surrounding intelligent systems in pervasive computing environment.

Before joining CMU, I was an undergraduate student at University of Washington, department of Computer Science and Engineering. I did research in debugging, model inference, and model-based test generation. I was fortunate to be advised by Yuriy Brun, Ivan Beschastnikh, Michale Ernst, and David Notkin.


My research is in Ambient Intelligence. I explore how we can build intelligent agents that can coordinate computing resources available in the environment to support users' activities. Currently, I am focusing on building intelligent agents that have knowledge of particular domains and can plan for behavior composition of computing resources in order to perform complex tasks.


ICSE NIER Understanding Regression Failures through Test-Passing and Test-Failing Code Changes
Roykrong Sukkerd, Ivan Beschastnikh, Jochen Wuttke, Sai Zhang, and Yuriy Brun
In Proceedings of the New Ideas and Emerging Results Track at the 35th International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE13), 2013, pp. 1177-1180.

Other Writings

UW CSE Leveraging Data Invariants in Model Inference for Test Case Generation
Roykrong Sukkerd
Undergraduate Honors Thesis, 2013
Computer Science and Engineering, University of Washington


  • Email: rsukkerd at cs dot cmu dot edu
  • Office: Wean Hall 4125
  • Phone: (412) 268-4885