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Robert Stockton (that's me) works as a research programmer for the Computer Science department at Carnegie Mellon University. When he's not hacking compilers and environments for the Gwydion Project, he may sometimes be found playing the Irish harp -- specializing in filk, folk, and renaissance music.

He's been around the web for a few years now, and still hasn't gotten used to some of the newfangled innovations that are the norm nowadays. Therefore, you won't find much in the way of fancy graphics, tables, blinking cursors, etc. here -- as you have probably already noticed -- but he hopes you'll find some solid and/or interesting information. Isn't that what the Web is all about?

What's new?

I've just added hypertexted copies of Rudyard Kipling's Jungle Book, and Puck of Pook's Hill, and Lucy Maud Montgomery's Anne's House of Dreams.

If you are into the current Java hysteria, you might want to check out my implementation of the "Life" cellular automoton. I don't pretend it has any merit, but it can be fun to watch.

Portrait by Hannah M. G. Shapero. The medium is colored pencil. Similar portraits may be comissioned for $50 -- contact Hannah at HMGS@access.digex.net for more information.

Useful pages I maintain:

  • The Perl 4 man page -- formatted, heavily indexed, and searchable
  • Classic Fiction -- hypertexted for on-line reading.
  • A couple of HTML manipulation scripts
  • Robert Stockton

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