Current Postdocs

Current Visitors

Past Postdocs and Visitors

  • Aijun Bai, from USTC China, 2014.
  • Tom Kollar, worked on grounded language learning for mobile robots

  • Josue Ramos from CIT in Brazil, worked on task-level control of autonomous airships and human-robot social navigation.

  • Anders Oreback from KTH, Stockholm, is working on formal verification of task-level control progams (TDL).

  • Sule Yildirim from Ege University, Turkey, is working on intelligent execution monitoring.

  • Jose Maria Plaza (Summers 1996-2000) from CICS, Madrid Spain, investigated probabilistic methods for finding and recognizing doorways.

  • Yasushi Nakauchi (1998-1999) researched socially interactive robots. He implemented a program to get Xavier to enter and wait in line in a socially acceptable manner.

  • Nak Yong Ko (1997-1998) from Chosun Univ, Korea, developed the Lane Curvature Method for reliable, high-speed indoor navigation.

  • Dani Goldberg, postdoc, worked on multi-agent architectures

  • Joaquin Lopez Fernadez (1997, 2000-2001) from Universidad De Vigo, Spain, investigated issues in automated execution monitoring and error recovery.

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