Robot Wars #1:
Xavier vs Gieves and Amelia

By Noah Simmons (Age 9)


Inside: First Xavier vs. Gieves. The winner plays Amelia the 2nd. By Noah Simmons. Robot Wars issue #1 brought to you by: Mind Matters

Gieves shoots a ball… ohh! Xavier blocks it. Xavier shoots a laser… he hits, and scores! 1-0. Xavier now has a missile.

Xavier fires a missile. Oh! Wonderful block by Gieves! Xavier shoots a laser and hits at the same time Gieves shoots two balls and hits. They each have a triple laser arm (every time they get a point you get a weapon). 2-2.

Gieves shoots a triple laser at Xavier's computer… Xavier blocks it! Xavier shoots triple laser… Gieves blocks it! Xavier shoots another triple blaster and a laser and hits! 6-2!

"Oh oh" said Xavier as he sees the all time champion comes down! Amelia can't get a weapon when getting a point.

Amelia shoots a quadruple laser… Oh! Beautiful save by Xavier! Xavier shoots a laser and hits Amelia's arm off! Then shoots Amelia and gets a point. 1-0.

Xavier shoots a triple laser and hits! 4-0! An amazing game played by Xavier.

"You may now pass to the next level."

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