Coiled Spring Microphone

What is the physical principle underlying the toy?

The microphone uses the chamber and spring for additional

reverberation of the child's voice, creating an extended echo.


What age group is the toy designed for?

This toy is designed for children 3 and older. Psychologists suggest increased

dramatic play - which includes musical play - is highly beneficial for children ages 2-4.


How does the toy work? How do children play with the toy?

The child can sing or talk into the curved end and the spring and microphone chamber

mimic the voice-bouncing effect of a regular microphone and amplifier. Children

can participate in cooperative play with this toy either by performing for each other

or all singing for a separate audience. They are able to listen to themselves, watch

others, and hold the microphone.


Where did the idea for your toy come from?

The idea came from an existing toy I had growing up. I was always fascinated with

naturally occuring echos and this produces a similar effect.