Qi Pang (庞淇)

I'm a PhD student in the Computer Science Department at Carnegie Mellon University, advised by Prof. Wenting Zheng and Prof. Virginia Smith. My research focuses on system security and data privacy.

I obtained my MPhil degree in Computer Science & Engineering from HKUST in 2022 and bachelor degree in Electronic Information Engineering from Zhejiang University in 2020. I was a member of ACEE, Chu Kochen College.

Email: qipang [at] cmu.edu

Selected Publication
  • BOLT: Privacy-Preserving, Accurate and Efficient Inference for Transformers. [Paper]
    Qi Pang, Jinhao Zhu, Helen Möllering, Wenting Zheng, Thomas Schneider.
    To appear, IEEE S&P 24.

  • MPCDiff: Testing and Repairing MPC-Hardened Deep Learning Models. [Paper] [Code]
    Qi Pang, Yuanyuan Yuan, Shuai Wang.
    NDSS 24.

  • Secure Federated Correlation Test and Entropy Estimation. [Paper] [Code]
    Qi Pang*, Lun Wang*, Shuai Wang, Wenting Zheng, Dawn Song.
    ICML 23.

  • ADI: Adversarial Dominating Inputs in Vertical Federated Learning Systems. [Paper] [Extended version]
    Qi Pang, Yuanyuan Yuan, Shuai Wang, Wenting Zheng.
    IEEE S&P 23.

  • Byzantine-Robust Federated Learning with Optimal Rates and Privacy Guarantee. [Paper] [Code]
    Banghua Zhu*, Lun Wang*, Qi Pang*, Shuai Wang, Jiantao Jiao, Dawn Song, Michael I. Jordan.
    AISTATS 23.

  • MDPFuzz: Testing Models Solving Markov Decision Processes. [Paper] [Code]
    Qi Pang, Yuanyuan Yuan, Shuai Wang.
    ISSTA 22.

  • Automated Side Channel Analysis of Media Software with Manifold Learning. [Paper] [Code]
    Yuanyuan Yuan, Qi Pang, Shuai Wang.
    USENIX Security 22.

  • PRIVGUARD: Privacy Regulation Compliance Made Easier. [Paper] [Code]
    Lun Wang, Usmann Khan, Joseph Near, Qi Pang, Jithendaraa Subramanian, Neel Somani, Peng Gao, Andrew Low, Dawn Song.
    USENIX Security 22.

  • mID: Tracing Screen Photos via Moiré Patterns. [Paper]
    Yushi Cheng, Xiaoyu Ji, Lixu Wang*, Qi Pang*, Yi-Chao Chen, Wenyuan Xu.
    USENIX Security 21.

  • Towards Practical Differentially Private Causal Graph Discovery. [Paper] [Code]
    Lun Wang, Qi Pang, Dawn Song.
    NeurIPS 20.
Research Experience
Academic Service
  • Teaching Assistant. COMP3632: Principles of Cybersecurity (HKUST), Spring 2021, Fall 2021.

  • Reviewer. ICML 24, 23, 22, 21; NeurIPS 22, 21.