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Medieval (13th--14th C.) English Ale

(A work in progress)

I've recently been experimenting with recipes to produce 13th and 14th century English ale. For the Arthurian Idyll event, held here in BMDL on Sept. 26th, 1998, I brewed a 13th century English Ale. This turned out pretty good, and somewhat different than one might expect. An experimental second version for the Sunderoak Celtic New Year event (10/31/98) wasn't as good, but the version I presented at the East Kingdom Brew U. event (12/05/98) was very good indeed.

I have two sets of documentation available. A single recipe for making Clare Household Ale, which is about 4 pages long, and the complete treatise on Medieval English Ale which is some 19 pages. The Clare recipe includes directions on how to do a period English all-grain mash. For the arguments on why I've done the particular things that I have, please see the longer version.

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