The PSciCo Project

The goal of the PSciCo (Parallel Scientific Computing) project is to study how features of advanced programming languages can be used in the design of algorithms for Scientific and Geometric computing. Project members may refer to the internal page for information about using and maintaining the web site and project volume.

Libraries and Applications

We have developed or are developing the following libraries and interfaces as part of the project.

General libraries

Geometry libraries

The geometry libraries were designed to separate the "geometric" part (i.e., how points are located in space) from the "topological" part (i.e., information about the connectivity of simplices, polytopes, etc.)


Research Papers

Current Project Members

Former Project Members


This project is supported by NSF under the title "Advanced Languages for Scientific Computation Environments" as part of the Experimental Software Systems program within CISE under grant number 9706572.

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