I'm Pedro Paredes from CMU

I'm a 5th year PhD student of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University, in Pittsburgh, USA.

I am advised by Professor Ryan O'Donnell.

My research interests: Spectral Graph theory, Pseudorandomness, Complexity theory, Combinatorics.

My thesis proposal (On the Expansion of Graphs) is available here.


Selected Older Publications (from when I was an undergrad)

For a full list of publications check out my Google Scholar or DBLP.


  • Spectrum preserving short cycle removal on regular graphs | STACS'21, Mar 21 | Video
  • Spectrum preserving operations in regular graphs | UW Theory Seminar, Jan 21 | Video
  • Expander Graphs: Theory and Applications | Talks@DCC, Jul 20
  • Explicit near-Ramanujan graphs of every degree (Joint with S. Mohanty) | STOC'20, Jun 20 | Video
  • Explicit near-Ramanujan graphs of every degree | CMU Theory lunch, Nov 19 | Video

Teaching and Mentoring

  • Undergraduate Mentor | Jeremy Brennan | CMU 07-400 : Research Practicum in Computer Science
  • Teaching Assistant | CMU 15-751 : TCS Toolkit
  • Teaching Assistant | CMU 15-451 : Algorithms
  • Teaching Assistant | FCUP CC1007 : Data Structures

About me

Math outreach

I am an instructor and co-organizer of the Pan-African Math Circle.

Competitive programming

I'm the head of the scientific committee of the Portuguese National Olympiad or ONI (link in Portuguese).

Here are some problems I authored that I like:

  • European Trip | ICPC SWERC 2022 | link
  • Springboards | USACO 2020 January Contest, Gold | link
  • Topografia dos Onimalaias | ONI'2019 Final Round | link (in Portuguese)
  • Jantar para dois mil | ONI'2018 Selection Round | link (in Portuguese)
  • Chegar ao outro lado | ONI'2017 Final Round | link (in Portuguese)