Bush Lies!

First we discuss father, then we get to son.

George Herbert Walker Bush occasionally had difficulties with the truth.

For example, in October 2000 PBS Frontline special titled "Drug Wars" outlined some rather amazing events that unfolded while George H. W. Bush was Vice President and chairman of the National Security Council's crisis-management team on drugs, crime, and terrorism.

They showed evidence that in 1984, Oliver North thwarted a Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) effort to trap Pablo Escobar and Jorge Ochoa and other bosses of the Medellin cocaine cartel. Escobar et al were working out a deal to relay drugs to the US through the cooperation of Sandinistas in Nicaragua. A few days before the DEA was to pick up the Colombians, North leaked information to Congress and to the press because, to him, implicating the Sandinistas and getting congressional approval for funding the Contras was more important than crippling the Medellin cartel! For more info, see Frontline's chronology.

During the 1988 presidential campaign, George H. W. Bush denied significant knowledge of Contra drug deals and the Iran-Contra scandal, and made a number of lies and distortions during his campaign against Michael Dukakis (Willie Horton, etc).

Hence the following:

Hoover Tower, home of the conservative Hoover Institute, Stanford Campus, Fall 1988. Sadly, the message was gone a few hours later.

Paul Heckbert and perspective-warped political text, Fall 1988.

Jules Bloomenthal and Paul Heckbert admiring the work of some ne'er-do-wells with poor penmanship but a good message, Mountain View, Fall 1988.

These folks did a nice job, too. About 30 naked women lay down in the snow in Central Park forming the words 'No Bush' in an event described as a 'nude political action photo shoot' in New York on February 7, 2003. The protestors are opposed to U.S. President George Bush's policies and possible U.S. led war against Iraq. REUTERS/Peter Morgan

For more information on George H. W. Bush's and Ronald Reagan's drug-related lies, try a Google web search on keywords such as "george bush contras drugs". You'll find stories such as

The son, George "Dubya" Walker Bush, has his own set of lies...

Like father, like son.
Jules Bloomenthal and Mark Saporito. Seattle, 6 Nov. 2000. This timeless banner was created by Paul Haeberli in 1988.

Kira Bloomenthal (age 2) and Chris Pfohl at Iraq Anti-War rally, Volunteer Park, Seattle, 6 Oct. 2002.

Still true after all these years!

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