1996 Morph Video

This morph video is the result of an assignment in Computer Graphics 2 (15-463), the 2nd semester computer graphics class for undergrads at Carnegie Mellon University, in Spring 1996. The assignment was for each student to take a digitized picture of himself and "morph" it into the picture of the next student in the sequence. Morphing consists of warping the shape of the picture and simultaneously cross-dissolving between the two pictures (see SIGGRAPH '92 paper by Beier and Neely). There were 49 students in the sequence, and each one generated 60 frames, so played back at 30 frames per second that's about two minutes of animation. The students set up the correspondence between their face and the next face using an interactive X windows program, wrote their own C or C++ code to do the morphing, and generated the 60 frames. Each student used over 20 megabytes of disk space to generate all those pictures. Computing all the pictures took from 4 minutes to 9 hours of CPU time per student, but they had acccess to multiple workstations, so many students distributed the processing on several machines around campus.

Every tenth frame (294 frames) at 400x300 pixel resolution was compressed using the Berkeley encoder to make the 1Mb MPEG file, compressing by 100:1.

Credits for video:


Robert Trace		Robert Trace
Jason Ermer		Jason Ermer
Sarah Kreidler		Sarah Kreidler
Brian Long		Brian Long
Robert McCall		Robert McCall
Juan Leon		David Thiemecke
Maher Mehchi		Maher Mehchi
Akihiko Miyoshi		Akihiko Miyoshi
Tony Rippy		Tony Rippy
Gregory Mattes		Gregory Mattes
Peter Shell		Patrick Rogan
Christian Hoffman	Christian Hoffman
David Jackson		David Jackson
Matt Ramme		Matt Ramme
Michael Teper		Michael Teper
Brandon Suzuki		Brandon Suzuki
Danny Kwong		Danny Kwong
Jason Dytko		Jason Dytko
Ronald Yang		Ronald Yang
Mark Shieh		Mark Shieh
Noah Gibbs		Noah Gibbs
Amy Roch		Amy Roch
Randon Warner		Randon Warner
Prem Janardhan		Prem Janardhan
Jose Vazquez		Jose Vazquez
Paul Heckbert		Paul Heckbert
Paul Heckbert (left)	Paul Heckbert
Paul Heckbert (right)	Paul Heckbert
Michael Garland		Michael Garland
Scott Draves		Michael Garland
Tom Lokovic		Tom Lokovic
baby boy		Tom Lokovic
Kin Chan		Paul Heckbert
Scott Ballentine	Scott Ballentine
Jonathan Grande		Jonathan Grande
Frank Bossen		Frank Bossen
Jeremy Zelsnack		Jeremy Zelsnack
Asli Gulcur		Asli Gulcur
Imari Karasawa		Imari Karasawa
Henry Gnad		Henry Gnad
Sam Gerstein		Sam Gerstein
Kenneth Kelly		Kenneth Kelly
James Buck		James Buck
Roberto DeFeo		Roberto DeFeo
Andrew Willmott		Andrew Willmott
Todd Schneider		Todd Schneider
Ben Folk-Williams	Ben Folk-Williams
Madonna 		Ben Folk-Williams
Craig Johnson		Craig Johnson
Professor: Paul Heckbert
TA's: Michael Garland & Prem Janardhan