This morph video is the result of an assignment in Computer
Graphics 2 (15-463), the 2nd semester computer graphics class for
undergrads at Carnegie Mellon University, in Spring 1995.  The
assignment was for each student to take a digitized picture of himself
and "morph" it into the picture of the next student in the sequence.
Morphing consists of warping the shape of the picture and
simultaneously cross-dissolving between the two pictures (see SIGGRAPH
'92 paper by Beier and Neely).  There were 20 students in the sequence,
and each one generated 60 frames, so played back at 30 frames per
second that's about one minute of animation.  The students set up the
correspondence between their face and the next face using an
interactive X windows program, wrote their own C or C++ code to do the
morphing, and generated the 60 frames.  Each student used over 20
megabytes of disk space to generate all those pictures.  Computing all
the pictures took from 20 minutes to 10 hours of CPU time per student,
but they had acccess to multiple workstations, so many students
distributed the processing on several machines around campus.

Every fourth frame (300 frames) at 400x300 pixel resolution were MPEG-ed
to create the above video, compressing by 200:1 and creating a 500k file.

Credits for video:

Donald Nelson		Donald Nelson
Curtis Beeson		Curtis Beeson
Brian Hawkins		Brian Hawkins
Joe Demers		Joe Demers
Anton Staaf		Anton Staaf
Kevin Serafini		Kevin Serafini
Alexandre Cunha		Alexandre Cunha
Philip Nemec		Philip Nemec
Karl Fischer		Karl Fischer
Michael Herf		Michael Herf
Joshua Marks		Joshua Marks
Zoran Popovic		Zoran Popovic *
Jason McMullan		Jason McMullan
Ashish Kolli		Ashish Kolli
Brent Thomas		Brent Thomas
Sundar Vedula		Sundar Vedula
Sebastian Grassia	Glenn Durfee
Tian Lim		Tian Lim
Andy Witkin		Paul Heckbert
Michael Garland		Michael Garland *
Paul Heckbert		Paul Heckbert
Kevin Ross		Kevin Ross

*this segment is not in mpeg