Pacific Data Images (PDI) is an animation studio in Palo Alto, CA. They created the movie ANTZ. See

Drew Olbrich was an undergrad and grad student at CMU in the early 90's.

Date: Tue, 28 Nov 2000 17:55:26 -0800 (PST)
From: Drew Olbrich 
Subject: interns


PDI is considering hiring an intern this summer
for our tools development group, either a grad student
or undergraduate.

Do you know anybody who might be interested 
in doing something like that?  Hopefully it would
be somebody who was young and overly enthusastic and
who found themselves wasting just a little too much time 
on the UI part of their graphics projects.

I think it would also be fair to say that we are more
interested in someone who is actively interested
in doing graphics tools development, as opposed 
to graphics research.

Ideally they would check out my home page at
and blow a lot of time
obsessively reading the whole thing.  That would be
a pretty good litmus test.

Any help you could give us in tracking down
somebody like this would be appreciated!