Paul Heckbert's Family Photo & Audio Album

me, 10/00.

Olivia (my daughter), 7/95, at two weeks of age.

Olivia on the computer, 11/96.

Olivia looking startled, 12/96.

Big shoes to fill, Spring 97.

Olivia with purse, at CMU Child Care Center, 12/97.

Olivia got some jewelry and a bear for Christmas, 12/97.

Olivia's school portrait, age 3, 10/98.

Olivia's self-portrait, 11/98.

Olivia, 11/99.

Olivia out for a ride in the car, 8/99.

Olivia's Kindergarten school portrait, age 5, 11/00.

Olivia's drawing (Andy Warhol would approve), 11/00.

A vampire? 4/01.

Olivia Audio

Julian (my son), Spring 94.

Julian, 12/94.

Julian and Paul on the Sugar Cane Train, Maui, 12/94.

Julian on the phone, 11/96.

Julian's school portrait, age 5.5, 10/98.

At the Ardmore Roller Skating Palace, 1/99.

Julian, 11/99.

Julian's 2nd grade school portrait, age 7, 11/00.

Julian Audio

Paul, Julian, and Bridget (my son and now-ex-wife), 12/94.

Paul, Olivia, and Julian, 5/97.

Julian and Olivia (roaring like a tiger), 12/97. In the wavelet basis.

. Dancing at home, 1/99 .

Julian and Olivia in a dinosaur footprint, Summer 99.

Olivia on Paul's shoulders, 8/99.

Julian and Olivia skiing at Boyce Park, 12/00.

Me after losing a snowball fight with Jules Bloomenthal, ~89 (note uncanny resemblance to a famous Rodin)

Me (age 14) on summit of Mt. Rainier. Mt. Adams in background. 25 August 1972.

From my birth certificate, April 1958.

Albert Heckbert (my father), with trout. 1937? (Age 16?)

Pictures Greg Ward shot during our trip to California, Oct. 2000

Paul Heckbert