Atrium of Newell-Simon Hall

During a tour 9/14/99, we got to look at the atrium of Newell-Simon Hall, still under construction.

The buildings visible out the window are the Planetary Robotics Center and Purnell Center.

These pictures are taken from the third floor. To the right on this floor will be the Human Computer Interaction Institute's wing of the building. The wing to the left, on both this floor and the fourth floor above, will be some of the Robotics Institute's portions of the buildings. The fourth floor to the right will be the Language Technology Institute's wing of the building. The future graphics lab will be in the fourth floor robotics wing above and to the left.

The first and second floors will house, among other things, the Field Robotics Center.

Just behind the camera is a curved staircase that connects this floor and the fourth floor. The main entrance to this building is behind and to the left, on the Smith Hall side. Another entrance is up the stairs on the fourth floor via a walkway to Wean Hall's fourth floor.

first view of atrium . higher resolution

second view of atrium (from the same viewpoint) . higher resolution

For an image mosaicing assignment,
Jon Rowlett created this mosaic. higher resolution.
See Jon's web page for more info on his software.

other pictures of the building shot by Reid Simmons and others

15-869, Image-Based Modeling and Rendering
Paul Heckbert, September 16, 1999