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Fortune 500/1000 Contact Information (2008)

It it easy to find the list of the Fortune 1000 companies, but it is not trivial to get the listing in a nice database table. Furthermore, it is not easy to get contact information such as a general customer service email address for a company (in many cases, they only provide a web form).

In June 2008, I submitted work to Amazon's Mechanical Turk to collect general contact email addresses and CEO email addresses for each of these companies. In the spirit of sharing knowledge, I am providing my results that I collected here. I tried to keep the list to strictly general contact email addresses for each company; therefore I have pruned out any investor/share-holder relations, media relations, webmaster/domain-name, and personal email addresses of non-executive employees.

The format of the file is as follows. Note that in some cases the general and CEO email addresses were not found and thus the fields will be left blank:

  • Company Name
  • Main Office Address
  • Main Office City
  • Main Office State
  • Main Office Zipcode
  • Contact Phone Number
  • Website
  • General Contact Email Address
  • CEO Name
  • CEO Email Address