The AAAI-18 Workshop on AI for Imperfect-Information Games


The AAAI-18 Workshop on AI for Imperfect-Information Games is a forum where researchers studying theoretical and practical aspects of imperfect-information games can share current research and gather ideas about how to improve the state of the art and advance AI research in this area.

Imperfect-information games are used to model various strategic interactions involving hidden information such as negotiations, auctions, and security interactions (both physical and virtual). Due to the presence of hidden information, solving these games requires methods quite different from traditional games of perfect information like chess or Go. Although there has been considerable recent progress in a number of communities studying imperfect-information games, the techniques used by each community have remained relatively isolated despite their generality. There is ample opportunity for cross-pollination between these communities, leading to new applications of methods already popular in one community, or the creation of new techniques by building upon the methods already established in separate communities.

Topics of interest for the workshop include anything related to games of imperfect information. This includes descriptions of novel competitors or components of competitors from recent or future AAAI Annual Computer Poker Competitions (ACPC), scalable algorithms for solving large imperfect information games, opponent modelling and exploitation in games, algorithms for general-sum and more-than-two-player games, modeling and analyzing the effects of information asymmetry in games, strategic signaling (a.k.a., persuasion), exploration vs exploitation in strategic settings with incomplete information, as well as research on any other topics related to games of imperfect information.


Each submission should be in the form of a 2-8 page paper, using the main AAAI conference format. We leave to the authors if they want to anonymize their submissions or not. Papers should be submitted via EasyChair. Oral presentations and poster session participants will be selected from the submissions. The accepted papers will be published as a AAAI technical report. We also welcome relevant submissions that are currently under review for the main conference.

The deadline for submissions is October 20, 2017.


If you have any questions or comments, please contact one of the workshop organizers:

Noam Brown []

Marc Lanctot []

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