I am on the academic job market this year.

I am a PhD candidate in Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University advised by Professor Tuomas Sandholm and a Research Scientist at Facebook AI Research. My research combines computational game theory and machine learning to produce artificial intelligence capable of strategic reasoning in large imperfect-information multi-agent interactions.

I have applied my research to making the first AI to defeat top humans in no-limit poker. With my advisor, I created Libratus, which decisively defeated four of the world's best human poker professionals in a Man vs. Machine competition. The breakthrough was published in Science, was one of 12 finalists for Science Magazine's Scientific Breakthrough of the Year, and received widespread mainstream news coverage. I also received a NIPS 2017 Best Paper award, the 2017 Allen Newell Award for Research Excellence, and the 2019 Marvin Minsky Medal for Outstanding Achievements in AI.

Before CMU, I worked at the Federal Reserve Board in the International Financial Markets section, where I researched algorithmic trading in financial markets. Before that, I developed algorithmic trading strategies.

I am generously supported by an Open Philanthropy Project AI Fellowship and a Tencent AI Lab Fellowship.

Contact information: noamb <at> cs <dot> cmu <dot> edu