I am now an Assistant Professor in Computer Science at Clarkson University in the town of Potsdam in beautiful Upstate New York. Please visit my new website, where you can find my current contact information.

In July 2015, I completed my Ph.D. from the Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon University, where I was advised by Yaser Sheikh. My research lies at the intersection of computer graphics and computer vision. I am interested in understanding how we may leverage large databases of 3D information, such as geometry, illumination, and textures, to represent and manipulate 2D content such as photographs.

I have received Popular Science magazine's Best of What's New award for my work on 3D manipulation of objects in photographs.
My work has also been extensively covered in the press:
For more information, check out the press page.

The image to the right shows the start of my failed attempt to make my origami crane fly during the Technical Papers Fast Forward at SIGGRAPH 2014. Our approach to manipulate photographed objects in 3D makes the origami crane in a photograph fly as shown in the banner image.

I received my M.S. and B.S. degrees in 2009 from the Department of Computer Engineering at Rochester Institute of Technology under the supervision of Andreas Savakis.