Riccardo Schulz
Riccardo Schulz

Associate Teaching Professor, Director of Recording Activities


Riccardo Schulz, Associate Teaching Professor of Music, is founder and president of Pittsburgh Digital Recording & Editing Company, and a specialist in recording, editing, and mastering classical music. Schulz has recorded and/or produced more than a hundred compact discs on a variety of record labels, including Élan, New Albion, Mode Records, Ocean Records, Norvard, and New World Records. He has also recorded and/or mastered CDs of world music, jazz, alternative rock groups, and selected hip-hop artists. A few of the groups and individuals he has collaborated with include Cuarteto Latinoamericano, Andrés Cárdenes and Luz Manríquez; conductors Denis Colwell and the River City Brass Band, and Keith Lockhart and the Cincinnati Chamber Orchestra.

Schulz has master's degrees in mathematics from Duquesne University and musicology from the University of Pittsburgh. He is former program annotator for the Y-Music Series, and former music critic for WQED-FM&s Sunday Arts Magazine. Schulz can entertain you with stories from his association with Iannis Xenakis.