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Submission Instructions

We will use Autolab for handing in projects. Autolab is a web-based system for submitting class work, grading, and receiving grades. All class grades will be reported on Autolab. Do NOT EVER submit any work by email.


Autolab is at https://autolab.andrew.cmu.edu/

File Naming

In general, we would like you to submit files named with your Andrew user id and the project number, e.g. if your Andrew ID is xenakis, and you submit code, text, and audio for project 5, the files should be:


Please use plain text for .sal files, plain text with extension .txt or PDF with extension .pdf for non-code text, and 16-bit, 44kHz PCM (uncompressed) .wav with extension .wav or AIFF with extension .aif for audio files.

Please be very careful with file names and locations. We do not have time to search for misplaced work.

Your files should be combined into a single zip file because Autolab interprets multiple file uploads as new versions, and we will only grade the latest "version," i.e., the last zip file you upload.

Please name your zip file in the same manner, e.g.


How to Upload Files

Sign into Autolab.

Click on the project name.

Click on the Submit File button.

Select your zip file.

Checking your transfer

Please confirm that your work is successfully transferred: After you upload your assignment, you will see a Handin History page. You can download your submitted file and compare this to your original uploaded version.

Your browser might unzip and delete the downloaded file making it hard to compare the uploaded zip file to the downloaded zip file. An alternative that's probably safe is to just compare file sizes of the components of the zip file.