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We meet approximately once every two-three weeks during the Fall and Spring semesters to discuss the latest in computer music and sound synthesis. EMAIL LIST: If you would like to be added to our email list to be informed about future presentations, please send email to Tom Cortina (username: tcortina, domain:

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Friday, May 1 -- 7:00PM College of Fine Arts
15-322 Computer Music Concert

Come join us for a presentation of some of the best computer music from Roger's 15-322 Introduction to Computer Music course.

Thursday, April 30 -- 11:00AM-12:00PM Newell Simon Hall 1505
Topic: TBA
Michael Mecca

Abstract: TBA

Thursday, March 26 -- 11:00AM-12:00PM Newell Simon Hall 1505
Computer Music Research in a Concert Setting: Jazz in the Digital Age
Roger Dannenberg

Roger Dannenberg will talk about the upcoming April 19th concert with the CMU Jazz Ensemble and digital string orchestra. This project includes a commissioned arrangement for jazz band and strings, recording 20 tracks of string ensemble, research on tapping to control tempo, the integration of Z-Plane, Inc. time stretching software into Aura, work on user interfaces, and an 8-channel sound system.

Thursday, February 19 -- 11:00AM-12:00PM
Innovative Performance Paths with a Wind Controller
Tomas Henriques, Professor of Composition and Theory, New University at Lisbon

The META-EVI is a novel interface created from an extensive augmentation of the Steiner MIDI EVI, a brass style ‘electric valve instrument’ (EVI), which was expanded with 11 analog sensors and 10 digital switches. By allowing the simultaneous, real time control of a great variety of musical parameters, the META-EVI is able to push the level of musicianship associated with the player of a monophonic wind instrument, to a new plateau of musical expression and complexity.

Thursday, January 29 -- 11:00AM-12:00PM
LOCATION: College of Fine Arts (CFA Building), Room A-6 (basement level farthest away from tennis courts)

Event: Tour of the Carnegie Mellon Recording Studio
Guide: Riccardo Schulz, Associate Teaching Professor, CMU School of Music

The Carnegie Mellon Recording Studio is set up like any professional recording studio--control room plus live room, with one iso-booth for drums or spoken word or singer/rapper. One unique characteristic is the size of the control room, which is used for teaching as well. The studio runs ProTools with (mainly) Waves plugins for mastering. (Maximum 30 people. No food or drink is allowed.)