Mauricio Soto


Ph.D. student
Institute for Software Research,
School of Computer Science,
Carnegie Mellon University.


Email: mauriciosoto at cmu dot edu


Advisor: Claire Le Goues



Office: WH 4103,

Office Phone: (412)-268-4748



Mauricio Soto

Institute for Software Research, Wean Hall 5216

School of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University

5000 Forbes Avenue

Pittsburgh, PA 15213



Available on Request



Hi, my name is Mauricio Soto, though I usually go by "Mau". I am a Software Engineering PhD Student at the Institute for Software Research (SCS) at Carnegie Mellon University. I am advised by Dr. Claire Le Goues.


I come from Costa Rica, the land of hapiness, coffee and sloths. Before I came to CMU, I made my undergrad in Computer Science in the University of Costa Rica. I also worked in several different companies and universities in different positions, all of them related to software engineering. I am a very happy person, I play the saxophone, and I love salsa dancing :)


I am primarily interested in problems relating automatic error repair, software evolution, maintainability, program analysis, program repair, and software assurance. I am currently working with my advisor Claire Le Goues in extending a project for automatic bug repair in Java using genetic algorithms called GenProg, which combines stochastic search methods like genetic programming with lightweight program analyses to find patches for real bugs in existing software.

In my latest study we performed an empirical study in which we gather data of what humans do to patch their bugs and mimic this behavior in order to obtain variants that are more likely to succeed in patching the bug, and also are easier to maintain and understand.


List of publications:


Soto et al. Common Statement Kind Changes To Inform Automatic Program Repair; MSR 2018. International Conference on Mining Software Repositories


Soto et al. Using a Probabilistic Model to Predict Bug Fixes; SANER 2018. IEEE International Conference on Software Analysis, Evolution and Reengineering


Soto et al. Analyzing the Impact of Social Attributes on Commit Integration Success; MSR 2017. International Conference on Mining Software Repositories


Soto et al. A deeper look into bug fixes: Patterns, replacements, deletions, and additions; MSR 2016. International Conference on Mining Software Repositories


Description: Description:

Software Engineer II


august 2013 – august 2014 Heredia, CR

 Software development of financial applications on Java EE
 Development of software against identity theft
 Development of Map/Reduce software in Big Data project on a Hadoop cluster

Description: Description:

Web Master

University of Costa Rica

january 2010 – august 2014 San Pedro, CR

 Administration of a LAMP virtual server
 Website creation on Joomla and Drupal CMS
 Support of an OJS Platform
 Leader in charge of the Mathematics Research Center's development team

Description: Description:

Web Developer

Rutgers University

february 2013 – september de 2013 Piscataway, NJ

 Maintenance of different web applications in PHP and Html 
 Development of online test-taking application and facility evaluation application



Description: Description:

Application Developer


february 2012 – january de 2013 Heredia, CR

 Software development of applications on C# 
 Redesign of a calendaring application, development and deployment to production
 Website management with Sharepoint and Silverlight technologies




Description: Carnegie Mellon University

Carnegie Mellon University

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Software Engineering

In Progress

Description: University of Costa Rica

University of Costa Rica

Bachelor in Computer Science


Description: Rutgers University

Rutgers University

International Student, Computer Science


Description: University of Costa Rica

University of Costa Rica

Minor, Music with emphasis in Saxophone 


Description: University of Costa Rica

University of Costa Rica

Minor, Music with emphasis in Guitar 




A salsa I composed for my recital: Entre química y generales

A merengue I composed for my recital: Con güiro y tambora

My classical years: Glazunov Concerto

A little more recent: Bloomdido