Homework 7
16-735 Robotic Motion Planning
Howie Choset

Handout: Mon Oct 25
Due: Wed Nov 3

Implement a probabalistic planner (PRM, RRT, etc. Pure random walk is Not OK :) for a robotic system of at least 4 coupled degrees of freedom. This can be a robot arm with four links, a system of multple robots (must be reasonably dense, to fit the coupled requirement), or similar system. Test worlds are expected to have a reasonable number of obstacles. Furthermore, there should be a fairly simple method of specifying new test worlds (i.e. specifying verticies in a text file is fine, but hard coding the world into your code is not). Your code should be able to handle a wide variety of worlds without requiring additional tuning. You are expected to show the robot operating in at least two different envrionments. If you want, you can use collision checking software that is available on the web.

On your web page, you should show the following:

Include on your web page a brief description of your approach. This report should include all relevant equations and algorithm descriptions, along with a description of any parameters used by your algorithm.

Example Solution
Example Solution (Implements an RRT)