Homework 5
16-735 Robotic Motion Planning
Howie Choset

Handout: Wed Oct 6th
Due: Wed Oct 20th

The objective for this problem is to implement a roadmap algorithm in an incremental fashion. The program should accept a start and goal position, build enough of a roadmap to allow a path to the goal to be found (i.e. until the goal becomes visible from the roadmap), and save the roadmap, so that it can be reused in subsequent querries. This can be implemented in simulation in 2D. If you have access to a mobile robot, impelementing a voronoi diagram path planning algorithm would be a nice extension. In simulation, implementing a roadmap in 3D, possibly the Rod-HGVG, would be a nice extension.

On your website, please describe the algorithm used, and provide movies illustrating the performance of the algorithm