Homework 1
16-735 Robotic Motion Planning
Howie Choset

Handout: Wed Aug 25th
Due: in class Wed August 25

1. Download a software package, develop your own, use one that you have to draw some obstacles, selects two points, and draws a line between them.

2. Develop a simple, yet complete, path planning algorithm and be prepared to "implement" it on a person in Wedneday's class.

Example Solution

Information on installing openrave
Due to many people using Windows 7 64bit, it is a little tricky to compile openrave. Therefore, I have put up the binaries here:

Unzip this file in C:\Program FIles. It should create an openrave folder.

Please make sure to follow all the instructions but compiling the code from here:

Beyond installing python, you would need to set the Path and PYTHONPATH environment variables, as the instructions say:


The above is a very simple script that you can execute in ipython to get the robot to move forward until it collides with an obstacle.