How to publish homework to www

16-735 Robotic Motion Planning
Howie Choset

These instructions will make your file available from the web via your ANDREW account.
If you are using CS or another department's publishing mechanism, contact them to find out their procedure.

1. - Put your files in your /afs/~userid/www/ directory. If it does not already exist, follow the instructions at to create the www directory and set the necessary permissions.

2. - Point your internet browser to

3. - Follow the instructions on the page: type your userid and click "Publish"

4. - Your homework would now be available at[homework_filename].html

NOTE: you may use subdirectories in ~/www/ directory and these would be reflected in the resulting URL.
For example: ~/www/rmp_homeworks/[homework_filename].html when published will be available at:[homework_filename].html