Potato Leek Soup

From: ajh@diamond.idbsu.edu (Andrew Huang)
Date: 11 Nov 93 14:34:31
Potatoe Leak Soop: (Fit for a VP!)

enough stock:  good chicken stock, home made preferred, can ok, bouillion at
       your risk

enough potatoes: cubed to 1/2" blocks, water to cover, cook til soft,
       drain, reserving water to make bread.

enough leeks: trim roots and tough greens off, split and clean
       thoroughly, chop crosswise into 1/4 strips

Olive oil: In large stock pot, use sufficient oil and cook leeks
      gently til soft; add potatoes.  grate white pepper, add stock to
      cover, bring to simmer.

blenderize:  ladle stock and potatoes into blender and blend til
      smooth.  This will take several passes unless you have monster

Adjust seasoning or consistency: salt, pepper, reserved potato water.

proportions: balance leeks and potatoes according to taste.  Balance
stock according to strength and consistency.

    add onions just like leek
    celery leaves are excellent in this type of soup
    celery root substitute/add for potatoes but don't cook as long
    milk/cream could be added easily to benefit, but not necessary if
    stock is good

In the summer: serve cold with dollops of yogurt and lots of white



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