Reibekuchen (german potatoe pancake)

From: (Christa Keil)

Date: Sat, 21 Aug 1993 02:50:50 +0200 (DST)

1.5 kg potatoes (a sort that stays "hard" - 
		 not the one you use for mashed potatoes)
1 big onion
2 eggs
1 teespoon salt
a bit flour (Buchweizen (wheat flour)
             or oat flakes

Grate the potatoes over a sieve, so that the water can leave.
Don't use a to fine grater, you don't want to make mashed potatoes.

Squeeze the potatoes - so that more water is going out of it.

Grate the onions fine on the grater and put them to the potatoes,
like the other ingredients and mix them carefully.

Depending on how wet the dough is, put some flour or oat flakes
to it, so that you get a not to solid dough.

Put oil into a pan and when it is really hot, take with a (soap)
spoon abit from the dough and put it into the pan and push it to
a flat cake.

They have to be "golden" from both sides (you have to turm them
after awhile) - the border of that pancake has to be real crisp.

Eat them hot to (or on) a slice of bread (Schwarzbrot (that is
dark bread)) with butter and put Ruebenkraut (sugar-root syrup)
or Apfelkraut (apple syrup) on it.


Here is another old recipe I have from my grandmother - which is
really good:

Pottkuchen (pot-cake - made of Potatoes)

10 big potatoes
2 - 3 spoons wheat flour
2 eggs
some slices of ham (not the cooked ham)
250 g  dried plums (something like raisins but made of plums)
2 - 3 smoked sausages

Grate the potatoes and mix them with the flour and the eggs
and the salt (not to much - because of the smoked sausages and
the ham).

Take a castiron pot, put the ham slices in it and melt them out,
after that take the slices out.

Now fill layer potatoes in the pot, then a layer dried plums,
again potatoes, then slices from the smoked sausage and again

Put the pot in the oven (225 Celsius) for 1 hour.

You can eat it warm or later cut in slices and baked in a pan
or cold with Apfelkraut (apple syrup).


Eifeler Scholes (Eifler Scholes :-) you can not translate it I guess)

The eifel is an area in Germany (where the famous Nuerburg Ring is,
something like hmmm the Hockenheim Ring or Daytona ( ;-)  ), where
car and motorbikes races are) between Luxemburg, Belgium, Holland
and the rhine area (Cologne, Bonn).

1.5 kg potatoes
3 rolls
50 g durchwachsener Speck (that is ham that is "red and white"
			   red from the meat - and white from the fat)
			   It is here abit smoked
1 little onion
4 eggs

Grate the potatoes and onion.

Cut the ham into little cubes and melt/bake it out.

Put the rolls into water, so that they soak water and 
press them out.

Mix that all together (potatoes, ham and the mashed rolls)
with the eggs.

Put the dough in a form (like the one you use for lasagne 
for example), which is greased with butter, and put it for 
90 minutes into the oven (180 Celsius) untill it is "golden" 
on the top.


I hope that I found the right words and that I explained it in a way
that you can understand it. I have not known how difficult it is to
translate a recipe :-)

Since I do not know, if you know these kind of food in america - I
hope that you like it.



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