The Carnegie Mellon Campus

The Campus

This picture, from Michael Mauldin (mlm@FUZINE.MT.CS.CMU.EDU) is an aerial view of the CMU campus looking South taken from 2700' MSL. Although it looks, from this picture, that CMU is in the countryside, it is not- click on the picture to look closer. CMU is next to a park, called "Schenley Park".

Skibo Hall

This is the Student Centre. It is scheduled for demolition as soon as possible, a fate most observers agree to be richly deserved: (Addendum - it's been demolished and replaced by a new building. Please Join me in continuing to call it Skibo)

Hunt Library

Wean Hall

Home to the Carnegie Mellon School of Computer Science.

Hammerschlag Hall

Home to Computer Engineering, and probably other Engineerings too.

The College of Fine Arts

Doherty Hall

The Fence

The Fence is a CMU tradition. It is painted overnight, to advertise various events. Since the 1920s, it has accumulated thousands of layers of paint. Or at least it had, since it was eaten by termites after these pictures were taken, and was largely replaced in mid-August 1993. As of Aug 17 1993 it has 3 layers of paint.

Here are two views of the fence:

And here is a fence painting of a different stripe.