3D Vision Reading Group Schedule

Here is the old list of papers (3/15/1999), most of which have been discussed in previous meetings.

A newer list (9/14/2000) that contains papers recommended for upcoming meetings.

Announcement (8/31/2000): The weekly meeting is rescheduled to Wednesday 12:00-2:00pm at NSH 4201.

Year 2000

Date Presenter Paper(s)
Nov 8 Peng TBA
Nov 3 Shyjan ? TBA
Oct 25 Chuck  J. Winn and C. Bishop, Non-linear Bayesian Image Modelling
  European Conference on Computer Vision, Dublin, 2000
Oct 18 Frank Localization with bearing measurements
Oct 11 Owen Trygve Randen and John Hakon Husoy.  Texture Segmentation Using Filters With Optimized Energy Separation.  IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, v. 8, #4, April 1999.
Oct 4 Goksel
Viola, Complex feature recognition: a bayesian approach for learning to recognize objects, AI memo.
Sept 27 Cristian C.-P. Lu, G.D. Hager, and E. Mjolsness, Fast and Globally Convergent Pose Estimation from Video Images, TPAMI, June 2000
Sept 20 George G. Stetten, Medial Node Models to Identify and Measure Objects in Real Time 3D Echocardiography, IEEE Tran. Medical Imaging, Vol. 18, No. 10, 1999
Sept 13 Dennis R. Myers, R. Wilson and E. Hancock, Bayesian Graph Edit Distance, PAMI Vol. 22, No. 6, 2000.
Sept 8 Peng Y. Boykov, etc. A new Bayesian framework for object tracking, CVPR 2000
B. Li, etc., Object tracking and verification via sequential posteria update, CVPR 2000
Aug 31 Shyjan Yali Amit, Donald Geman and Bruno Jedynak, Efficient focusing and Face Detection
 C.K. Chow and C.N. Liu, Approximating Discrete Probability Distributions with DependenceTrees
Aug 24 Chuck M.C. Burl and P. Perona, Recognition of Planar Object Classes,CVPR 96, San Francisco, CA, June 1996
M. Weber, M. Welling and P. Perona, Unsupervised Learning of Models for Recognition, ECCV 2000, Dublin, Ireland, June 2000
Aug 17 Marina Meila, M., Shi J., A random walks view of spectral segmentation, submitted to AISTATS 2001
Aug 10 Owen V. Colin and J. Crowley, A prediction-verification strategy for object recognition using local appearance, ICCV'99
K. Ohba and K. Ikeuchi, Detectability, uniqueness, and reliability of eigen windows for stable verification of partially occluded objects, PAMI Sept, 1997
July 27 Teruko T.YATA, A.OHYA and S.YUTA, A Fast and Accurate Sonar-Ring Sensor for a Mobile Robot, ICRA'99, pp.630-636
T.YATA, A.OHYA and S.YUTA, Fusion of Omni-directional Sonar and Omni-directional Vision for Environment Recognition of Mobile Robots, ICRA'00, pp.3926-3931
July 20 Chuck Charles Rosenberg, Image Color Constancy Using EM and Cached Statistics, ICML-2000, pp. 799-806
July 13 Yanxi Efros and Leung, Texture Synthesis by Non-parametric Sampling, ICCV'99
Wu, Zhu, Liu, Equivalence of Julesz and Gibbs Texture Ensembles, ICCV'99
July 6 Frank Jump Diffusion
June 29 Danny S.C. Zhu, Embedding Gestalt Laws in Markov Random Fields, PAMI Nov. 99
June 22 Yanghai Level Set
June 8 Daniel Structure from Motion using Points, Lines and Intensities,
J. Oliensis and M. Werman, CVPR 2000, pp 599--605
A Multi-Frame Structure-from-Motion Algorithm under Perspective Projection, J. Oliensis, IJCV 34(2/3), 163-192, 1999
June 1 Matt MRF application paper 1:  Geman, S. and Geman, D. (1984). Stochastic relaxation, Gibbs distribution and the Bayesian restoration of images. PAMI, 6(6):721--741
May 18 Frank MCMC tutorial:
May 11 Marina MRF tutorial:
Apr 13 Frank H. Pasula, S. Russell etc. Tracking many objects with many sensors.
Apr 6 Peng  D. Comaniciu, V. Ramesh and P. Meer. Real-Time Tracking of Non-Rigid Objects Using Mean Shift. 
Mar 23 Matt Kenichi Kanatani, Model Selection Criteria for Geometric Inference
Mar 16 Daniel Morris Image-Consistent Surface Triagulation, CVPR'2000
Mar 2 Ross Beveridge M. Stevens and J. Beveridge. Rendering as a bridge between appearance and geometry
Feb 24 Alex D. Scharstein and R. Szeliski, Stereo matching with nonlinear diffusion, IJCV 28(2), 155-174, 1998
Feb 17 Shyjan M. Pontil, Support vector machines for 3D object recognition, PAMI'98 
C. Papageorgiou, M. Oren and T. Poggio, A general framework for object detection, ICCV'98
Feb 10 Peng M. Black and D. Fleet, Probabilistic Detection and Tracking of Motion Discontinuities, ICCV 99
Feb 3 Daniel R. Benjemaa and F. Schmitt, A solution for the registration of multiple 3D point sets using unit quaternions, ECCV 98, vol. 2, pp. 34-50.

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