Classes start in the week of September 7, 2021. Lecture slides will be posted after each class meeting. The postfix (F20) denotes slides and links of last year.

This schedule may change throughout the semester. Check back regularly for updates, including assignment deadlines and other important dates.

date topic slides video notes
9/8/21 Introduction to Automated Reasoning pdf link (F20)
9/13/21 Applications for Automated Reasoning pdf link (F20)
9/15/21 Representations for Automated Reasoning pdf link (F20)
9/20/21 SAT and SMT Solvers in Practice pdf link (F20) Homework 1 assigned
9/22/21 Conflict-Driven Clause Learning pdf (F20) link (F20)
9/27/21 Preprocessing Techniques pdf (F20) link (F20) Homework 1 due
9/29/21 Proof Systems and Proof Complexity pdf (F20) link (F20) Homework 2 assigned
10/4/21 Maximum Satisfiability pdf (F20) link (F20)
10/6/21 Local Search and Lookahead Techniques pdf, pdf (F20) link (F20) Homework 2 due
10/11/21 Quantified Boolean Formulas pdf (F20) link (F20) Homework 3 assigned
10/13/21 Binary Decision Diagrams pdf (F20) link (F20)
10/18/21 Verifying Automated Reasoning Results pdf (F20) link (F20) Homework 3 due
10/20/21 Select topic for final project and form groups