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GEMS 1.17.24 is ready for download.
GEMS-1-17-24.zip    adj9s03ndksie

Bugs Fixed:

  • BUG#2231 Cannot backup/restore elections with large AVTS results.
  • BUG#2227 Regional users can unset the election’s status.
  • BUG#2224 'Apply' button is enabled when an Endorsement, Recall or Shadowed race is first opened.
  • BUG#2222 Region incorrectly set when "Username" does not match "Full name" in User Modification dialog box.
  • BUG#2211 Queuing memory card on AccuVote-TS Server console with language defined with invalid Locale Id generates internal error.
  • BUG#2209 Shouldn't be able to set the Cards Laid Out status unless all cards are laid out.
  • BUG#2207 Saving in Voter Registration Totals dialog box produces internal error.
  • BUG#2204 Non-admin users can assign themselves admin privileges.
  • BUG#2202 Cards Cast Report with counter groups specified does not include absentee totals.
  • BUG#2184 Canceling in Printer Dialog under Ballot Image Viewer has no effect.
  • BUG#2164 Election Summary reports incorrect 'Cards Cast' when Reporting Set is selected.
  • BUG#2129 Cards Cast Report shows incorrect Voter totals for split precincts.
  • BUG#2118 Straight party "candidates" don't have export id field.
  • BUG#2106 Candidates of race type Question are skipped in audio import.
  • BUG#2076 Identify default language with an asterisk in Language dialog.
  • BUG#1548 Audio import uses artwork candidate sortseq id instead of report sortseq id when importing audio.
  • BUG#1531 Only one card is printed for a ballot that has multiple cards when BOD option is checked.
  • BUG#1529 Import Audio skips race and candidate audio when race's sort seq is greater than 100.
  • BUG#1525 Cards Cast Report: inappropriate voter registration allocations by counter group.
  • BUG#1521 Ballot Image Viewer does not reflect the candidate choices that the voter selected for all races.
  • BUG#1509 The View button remains active when multiple ballots are selected in the Ballot Image Viewer window.
  • BUG#1508 Erroneous audit printer message generated in Challenge Board.
  • BUG#1494 Unable to modify a header or create a new header after Tempballotv error msg appears.
  • BUG#1478 Voter Reg totals and Cards Cast amounts in Cards Cast report are incorrect for ballots with multiple cards.
  • BUG#1477 Voter Reg totals are incorrect for the first split Precinct in Cards Cast report when CounterGroup Detail option is checked.
  • BUG#1473 Backup menu does nothing and issues no error.
  • BUG#1462 New Standard Export formats are not saved for subsequent uses.
  • BUG#1457 Calculate size should not be displayed for AVTS vote centers.
  • BUG#1455 Unsetting for election without first responding to the confirmation msg. results in a program error.
  • BUG#1452 Error occurs after clicking on the 'OK' icon without selecting a Card to manually enter results for.
  • BUG#1430 Some of a race's audio is missing when doing batch audio import into GEMS.
  • BUG#1413 Deselecting Set for Recount doesn't cause Recount Reporting Set to default to All Races.
  • BUG#1378 GEMS hangs when saving recorded audio.
  • BUG#1177 Races marked as "Not Counted" can be downloaded and appear in reports.
  • BUG#1161 Resetting election on non-Host database gives "Internal Error".
  • BUG#1068 Challenge ballots will only appear in the Challenge Board after selecting a Challenge Vote Center from the VCenter column in Challenge Board dialog.
  • BUG#1061 Count Method “AccuVote-TS” should be displayed in the Select Counters dialog after selecting Manual Entry.
  • BUG#1059 Sub Districts are sorted incorrectly in Monitor Scripts>Monitor Script Properties dialog.
  • BUG#970 Races in the Reporting Set Properties dialog don't highlight correctly when selected.
  • BUG#326 Race Editor: Candidate report sequence can't be changed; Report seq is same as Art seq.