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Central Count 2.0.10

Central Count 2.0.10 is ready



CC2.0.10.zip    12nhomsna2jba


October 4, 2002


128K A: Checksum 63AF

64K B: Checksum 3BB0

New Features:

  • Added timeout during a TCP/IP transfer to prevent lockup.
  • Added option to reconnect on PPP when batch not open and timeout occurs.

Bugs Fixed:

  • BUG#1290 Ballot Feeder does not stop when "Stop on write-ins" flag is checked.
  • BUG#2123 Central Count displays "Wrong Message ID" message and fails to process deck.
  • BUG#615 RAS fails when connecting from a Central Count AVOS unit to Windows 2000.
  • BUG#1216 Central Count cannot connect to server on GEMS through PPP using a Windows XP machine
  • BUG#968 Central Count sometimes does not increment the counter when accepting an overvote.
  • BUG#19 Central Count requires YES confirmation to refeed returned ballot when no feeder is present.
  • Removed additional multiple exit points throughout code.
  • Fixed “Press NO to abort” feature during TCP/IP transfers.
  • Fixed Host IP input value range during prompt.
  • Adjusted Error Message handling and included clearer error messages.