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GEMSIS-1-18-14 & TSText-1-18-14.zip

GEMSIS-1-18-14 is ready.  Note that the audio files included are in PCM format.  To use MP3 version, please replace with TSText-1-18-14.
GEMSIS-1-18-14.zip    a1tqmin3p1ndw
TSText-1-18-14.zip    anbcal6hhkad2
1.18.14 October 1, 2002

New Features:

  • Ability to generate multi-language paper ballots and print them to their corresponding language directories.
  • Support for Wisconsin Export format.
  • Support for Florida Export format. Also added enhancements to Standard Export Format for Florida.
  • Support for Rich Text Format Import/Export.

Bugs Fixed:

  • BUG#1548 Audio import uses artwork candidate sortseq id instead of report sortseq id when importing audio.
  • BUG#1546 Choosing Specify Column option doesn't immediately enable Side radio buttons and Column edit control.
  • BUG#1543 Files of Type list empty in Open window.
  • BUG#1541 Negative undervotes appear in the Cards Cast report.
  • BUG#1534 Voter Registration report summarizes voter registration amounts by report precinct when base precinct is defined.
  • BUG#1531 Only one card is printed for ballot that has multiple cards when BOD option is checked.
  • BUG#1530 Races with cross-endorsed candidates do not have accurate counts.
  • BUG#1529 Import Audio skips race and candidate audio when race's sort seq is greater than 100.
  • BUG#1523 LA Import inserts an extra carriage return after each candidate in each race.
  • BUG#1522 View Ballot Screen does not display C beside a challenged ballot if the ballot was accepted from the TS before uploading
  • BUG#1521 View Ballots does not reflect the candidate choices that the voter selected for all races.
  • BUG#1516 Candidates on ballot are sorted by ReportSortSeq instead of ArtworkSortSeq
  • BUG#1509 The View button remains active when multiple ballots are selected in the Ballot Audit window.
  • BUG#1494 Unable to modify a header or create a new header after Tempballotv error message appears.
  • BUG#1490 Wrong vote count when a candidate of type Header is defined in GEMS.
  • BUG#1466 In Manual Entry, a value entered for times under voted always gets changed to zero.
  • BUG#1465 Out of memory or fatal error when exporting results in Wisconsin format.
  • BUG#1462 New Standard Export formats are not saved for subsequent uses.
  • BUG#1461 Rotation District field doesn't appear if you have more than two sub-districts.
  • BUG#1455 Unsetting for election without first responding to the confirmation message results in a program error.
  • BUG#1430 Some of a race's audio is missing when doing batch audio import into GEMS.
  • BUG#1428 Log Printer prints all actions twice.
  • BUG#1422 Aborting backup still creates backup file.
  • BUG#1394 Vote center identification is not logged when AccuVote-OS transmission is aborted.
  • BUG#1356 Resetting election doesn't allow results to be re-uploaded.
  • BUG#1226 Reporting Sets - Tab key doesn't work in the race table.
  • BUG#985 Race Editor - Candidates tab - Endorse Drop down includes Polling and Absentee for Recall races.
  • BUG #758 Rotation problem with election defined with multiple VGroup 2s.
  • BUG#539 Network problem such as timeout causes “Specified network name is no longer available” error and Internal Error in AccuVote-TS Server 2.