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WinCE 3.00 Release

WinCE 3.00 is finally release.  It is on the ftp site as WCE300-020128.zip password 'andj8dsnis03k'
    This includes a new boot loader and a new WinCE image. Copy the files nk.bin and fboot.nb0 to a PCMCIA card and insert the card before turning on the AccuVote-TS R6 unit.
    When you first run the system with the WinCE 3.00 installed you will be need to enter the machine serial number since the system registry has been reset.  The system count will be preserved.
    One of the major differences between the WinCE 2.12 and WinCE 3.00 release is that there is no longer any access to the desktop nor to Windows Explore.  For those of you who accessed the desktop to setup network cards this functionality is now in the BallotStation 4.3.1 software under the Admin/Setup menu item.