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GEMS-1-17-12 is ready. The password is:
GEMS-1-17-12.zip  5l1f3ivlytdna

1.17.12  May-03-01

  • Added R6 unit support. Required Windows CE Services. To install Windows CE Services use WinCE Services InstallPack.
  • More work on StandardImport to make it more robust and to handle large RTF data files.
  • Add comments and private build fields to about dialog.
  • Fixed bug in ExportContext that did not export the write-in candidate exportId
  • Some work to improve performance in BRCImport.
  • Add support for 1.96 addition of blank cards field to upload protocol.
  • Fixed minor bug when print audit ballot fails.
  • Send a file to the Recycle Bin when delete a database.
  • Modified download to include EndorseWidth and WrapCandidate.
  • Overwrite times counted of the Race with the times counted of the Cards in the Manual Entry.
  • Correctly set the party and candidate color.
  • Added downloading of HEADER type candidates to the AccuVote-TS unit.
  • Get/set all times locally, instead of relative to time zone
  • Fix download to be able to download multile write-ins to BallotStation version 3.x.x
  • Fix bug in in shutting down Download Version 2 console when exitting the app.
  • Fix bug in :GenerateBallot that did not generate separate ballots for shadowed races
  • Add uploading of Ballot stats over, under, blank, and writein.
  • Fix problem when load database fails if DateTime fields initialized with the NULL value.
  • Fixed bug in the Race Editor when RTFEditor did not clear the text after a registered write-in is displayed. 
  • Fixed problem in race editor where no candidate "selected" cause an internal error when the edit rtf button is used.