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GEMS-1-16-3 is ready. The password is:
GEMS-1-16-3.            mdbgnsdyrswpa
 1.16.3     May-31-00
                     Fixed problem with clipping of bottom of text.
                     Support setting background color for a selection of text rather than the whole richeditctrl.
                     Added writein votes to SOVC Certification page if write-in's are shown.
                     Fixed problem with vts import (reportunit & baseunits not displaying)
                     Fixed problem with printed ballot being different than screen ballot.
                     Fixed label in ExportEdit VCenter page.
                     Fixed problem with resetting dialog information in VCenterEditor when
selecting CountMethod
                     Changed AllBallotsGenerated to require atleast one valid ballot.
                     Ordered races by sequence number for displaying in CALExport.
                     Fixed bug in BallEdit when changing cards manually loses other cards on the same ballot.
                     Support download version 3 and 4.
                     Fixed problem with not showing all the voter groups when BOD checked on
in PrintArtwork dialog
                     Fixed bug in RaceEditor that did not create the RTFData records for new races and candidates for all languages
                     Added warning when saving if RTFData is empty for any languages.
                     Added check in generating download file that all items with RTFData have data for all languages
                     Added multilane report titles.