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RE: Challenge Board

Title: Challenge Board


Quite clear. 


We do something similar for opscan ballots in the state of Alaska.  In the GEMS vote center editor, you can select the “reporting set”.  When you select a reporting set other than “all races”, GEMS will only count those races in the set for that vote center.  Alaska sets up special vote centers for their major state boundaries plus federal, and then counts their special ballots into the applicable vote center to filter races the voter was not allowed to vote on.


There is currently no way in GEMS to directly do as you describe with AVTS challenge ballots.  It wouldn’t be too difficult to implement.  All the pieces are there.  The current GEMS challenge board functionality is pretty weak though: it really needs a re-write.  It is the whole challenge board user interface that needs a rethink, and probably needs to be made into a standalone client application.  None of this is currently on the development radar though. 


I would lead with the Alaska story to at least convey to the potential customer that we understand and have experience with the issue.





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This week a potential customer asked if we were able to provide the same functionality inside of GEMS that a competitor provided in their software.  I do not know the name of the competitor, but I will do my best to describe the function they are interested in.  Please let me know if this is something we have ever considered or reviewed for GEMS…

When the review board encounters a provisional ballot that has been cast and the voter was authorized to vote, but the ballot they cast was for the wrong precinct.  The correct ballot would have contained some of the races (jurisdiction wide races and possibly others) but not all.  Is there a way to identify the ballot they should have voted and use the database to compare the two and automatically accept votes for the races they should have voted in and reject the votes for the races they should not have voted in.

I hope that was clear?

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