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RE: BS Bug Report w/Staff Site down


Any chance of getting a prerelease with fix.  This bug is coming up
in most demonstrations.  ??


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Sent: Wednesday, February 12, 2003 3:57 PM
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Please see BUG#2490.


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Subject: BS Bug Report w/Staff Site down

> Dmitry,
> I thought I filed this about a month ago, but can't tell or check.
> Yesterday this bit us 4 times out of 10 when using VIBS.
> If the User presses the "5" key on the keypad, while in the race header,
> voter card is ejected and the ballot station locked up.
> Yesterday, also saw that it can happen in the middle of candidates it you
> select a candidate, deselect candidate, press 4 key, and then 5 key again,
> in some sort of order I couldn't figure out precisely.  In other words you
> can get the same "eject/lockup" by changing your mind in the candidate
> as well as pressing 5 key in race header.  It's not restricted to the
> area.
> This is causing pretty serious demonstration issues as it is fatal to
> station voter process.  You have to reboot the unit.
> Steve