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Oregon HS-CC Certification

I have just been formally asked to run the certification tests of high-speed central count (HS-CC) for Oregon.  From now on please use the support list to discuss this so that we’re all on the same page.  I report to Tab and it’s important that he be kept in the loop whenever R&D staff is involved.


For those who haven’t heard, HS-CC and voter registration are the final pieces needed to sell election systems in Oregon.  While HS-CC isn’t in a form ready for use by customers, we are in a position where we need to demonstrate its ability.  The Vancouver office is currently rewriting the HS-CC prototype in order to meet the needs of its various customers.  The new product is to be known as Central Tally System (CTS) and we are trying to have this new system ready for certification and delivery this spring.


I’m going to attempt to summarize who’s doing what.  Please correct me where I’m wrong and fill in missing details if you can.


Currently the HS-CC system that we had set up for hardware testing in Canton is on route to our office in Everett Washington for delivery tomorrow.  I am to go down on Wednesday to set it up.  It is then to be shipped down to the Oregon certification site where it will need to be set up again and re-tested.


Frank and Dana are organizing this:


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Dana LaTour [mailto:danal@dieboldes.com]
January 24, 2003 1:40 PM

The Oregon certification is scheduled for Feb 18-19 (not the 10th) in Salem

Oregon.  We need to certify the AVOS, AVTS, GEMS and high speed scanner.


I believe that the Sec of State's office will reserve a ground floor

conference room across the street from their office.  My phone calls to

confirm this have not yet been returned. Monday, the 17th, is  a holiday,

and so we can not set up or test until the morning of the 18th.


Bob Naegle and Steve Freeman want to test the scanner using 10 precincts of

100 ballots each, handmarked in a pattern.


And finally, there are three counties in Oregon who'd like a demo of the

products ASAP., so I'm wondering if Guy and the scanner could remain

overnight on the 19th, so we could demo on the morning of the 20th?   Dana


Jane Barth is preparing the GEMS database and John Elder is arranging to have the test ballots printed at our Everett facility.




- Can we arrange to have Tom Kline, the Scan Optics technician, available to recalibrate the scanner upon delivery in Salem as we did for the FEC certification test?  The scanner does not travel well and I lack the tools and experience to do it properly in a timely manner.  If not then I need at least a day and if we can’t work on the 17th then I can’t hope to have the system ready before the 19th.  Tom should have it ready within an hour.


- Who else will be there in Salem?  Who will be helping with HS-CC?  I may need someone with a cell phone especially if we don’t have Tom on site since my cell only works up here in Canada.


- Was the server used in Canton set up with the HS-CC application software?  If not, does it have SQL server installed and running?  Does it have GEMS 1.18 installed?  We still haven’t got HS-CC working in McKinney due to complications with getting all the parts working.