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RE: municipal pricing

Irene, Cathy and Karen:

Thanks for your assistance with the municipal brochure.  There are no “petty” improvements – all are important.  I believe that we should produce the most professional brochures, free of typos and easy to understand.  I love the way we work together, even as we are hundreds of miles apart!

I am still a newbie to programming, and the key omissions, such as District, is indicative of my need for your input.  I also learned long ago that I can’t proof my own work to the point that it is error free.

Keep the comments and suggestions coming,



Sue Page

Election Implementation Project Manager

Diebold Election Systems, Inc.


cell 443-404-9621


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Sue, I have just a few suggestions


in first paragraph..change lead to led

in programing list need to add district info

under Programing..will receive proof reports to

under Logic and Accuracy..should download be one word?

and instead of each ballot style, say all ballot styles will be....?

On election questionaire portion:

also add District (or whatever jurisdiction distinction they make)!

Some of the questions only show lines instead of yes and no? is this your intent?

And under pricing...audio..price moved to cost side? or....

and under election day support..move per hour plus expenses up directly under 1s line (as you have it in the expense directly above).


My reason for adding the district info is because they drive alot of styles etc..and have some control of precints.

Hope my suggestions were helpful.



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Subject: municipal pricing


Attached is a brochure that we have created to cover municipal elections in Maryland.  There are some Maryland contract prices (such as absentee ballots) that we have to maintain.  Otherwise, we tried to use our standard pricing.


Please take a look at the brochure:

Is the information covered in an easy to understand format?

Is everything included?

Does the questionnaire ask all the information necessary to quote?


This information is overdue in Maryland, so a quick turnaround would be greatly appreciated (sorry).


Note: I will probably add illustrations to the document for further clarification.


Thanks for your help!





Sue Page

Election Implementation Project Manager

Diebold Election Systems, Inc.


cell 443-404-9621